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Welcome to ISMS Teach domain. This portal is designed for all teachers, educators and instructors to help the Philippine schools in delivering the new normal setup of effective and profitable education to all learners despite of Covid-19 pandemic crises. Use of this site is governed by ISMS.PH rules, regulations and statement in our privacy-policy and of the Ph Data Privacy Law of 2012. For your queries, you may send us an email to Enjoy!

How does the ISMS Teach Domain works for you?

To teachers and tutors:

Aspiring teachers, educators and instructors availing of the services are requested to send their CV at to be an affiliate of the program. They maybe requested also to register online in the tutor’s site and select choices of their own interest. ISMS.PH adopts a non-face-to-face tutorial sessions and therefore all classes will be performed online via the domain facility which is catered by LEARN, an open source Learning Management System (LMS) powered by Moodle which is installed in the ISMS website. Teachers/Tutors are not employees of ISMS.PH, their compensation comes directly from the paying students and parents.

To learners and students:

All learners and students who wish to avail of the services must register online in the learner’s site and select choices of their interest. Various options for class-sessions are offered to all learners of their respective levels irregardless of locations. They were assigned by a qualified tutor/teacher that matched their needs and specializes on the poor rating-subjects or courses of the students to enhance understanding and comprehension on the matter. Students maybe assisted by their parents from time-to-time to make ensure learning is translated effectively onto their lives. Teachers profile maybe viewed by parents with their specialization and location for reference purposes only. All learners will use the LEARN facility as their Learning Management System.

Service Offerings

The ISMS Teach Domain is a free online tutorial facility and hub for teachers and learners learning together for the success and betterment of life.

All academic subjects for K to 12, computer/software programming, graphics and video editing and others are offered here. All sessions are with live video conferencing if required.


Updates and information shall be published only in this domain including official email messages either to teachers/tutors and or parents/students. Note to parents: Email communications must be signed by our domain for security purposes. Do not entertain promos or offers that shows up on social media that might use our brands. Official publication of our brands comes only with our domain-based posts and pages and official social media accounts.

Payment Setup

Payments must be made directly to the teacher/tutor by the students/parents availing the services. Our platforms and services in the Teach domain are offered free and is dedicated to all and open for all. Our teams are happy to be a part of your educational journey.

Payments must be made via GCash and is directly sent to teacher’s/tutor’s GCash account. Additional payment channels will be added soon.

Pricing and Session Policies

Per Month: Php2,000.00 or $40.00 for 10 sessions

Computed on pro-rated, regular tutored learners must be in this mode if they selected the per month option offered for them. A per month rate is offered for a one-on-one tutorial sessions. Learning absorption is not guaranteed in this context because it needs also for the learner’s capacity and readiness to go with the topics or subjects he is in.

Per Session: Php200.00 or $4.00 per hour

Pay as you enter the session or scheduled session policy. Meaning, no locked-in for a month is required. Sessions are on per day/per hour basis and totally depend on your requirements. Any learner can enter tutorial sessions anytime or on prescribed schedule defined by the teachers.

Replacement of tutor:

Parents may request replacement of assigned teacher/tutor if they wanted for it provided that no payment has been made to teacher/tutor prior to session schedule or the session has already started or ended.


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Data Privacy

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